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Wyeast Liquid Yeast

Wyeast liquid yeast with smack-pack technology. Wyeast with activator packets has a wide range of yeast profiles to choose from. Let Hop Goblin supply you with your choice of Wyeast liquid yeast.

Yeast is extremely important for the brewing process. The miracle of these tiny single celled organisms is their ability to transform simple sugars like glucose and maltose into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is where WYEAST comes into the picture. Those packages contain live yeast cells while guaranteeing an optimal condition that is also ideal to store. The activator packets can be used for rapid or complete fermentation processes alike. Each package contains a pouch that’s filled with liquid nutrients. This trademarked Smack-Pack process helps ensure yeast viability before you actually pitch them into your fermenter.

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You can activate the yeast by busting that pouch (or Smack Pack), which releases the nutrients into the yeast and starts the fermentation process. The yeast culture, then will start its metabolism, which will lead to the production of CO2 and bloat or swell the package. Each and every Wyeast package contains a minimum of 100 billion yeast cells (Go ahead....we dare you to count them!) Pitching rates could vary depending on the conditions and the temperature. For lagers, Wyeast Laboratories recommend starting with warm temperatures for the inoculation process (68-70F or 20-21C). If the conditions are colder, a higher pitching rate is recommended which can be achieved with an additional activator or by creating a starting culture first.