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Vintner’s Harvest Fruit Base

As sophisticated as Gert, our beer-and-wine making Goblin, tries to appear, the fact is, when it comes to wines he leans toward the fruity, like Elderberry, Raspberry and even Rhubarb. Granted, this isn't what you'd typically order from the sommelier at your next 5-star restaurant outing, but for full-flavored goodness it's tough to beat a great tasting fruit wine.

Fruit wines are fun and offer a huge variety of different flavor options. Our natural fruit puree products are each ideally suited as the perfect fruit wine base for your next project. They come conveniently packaged with the fruit submerged in its own natural juices. Each natural fruit base has been thoroughly sterilized and can be used right from the can without the need for boiling first. All seeds have been removed.

We offer the Vintner's Harvest Fruit Base product line, the best in the industry, with each can containing instructions on the label for producing either three of five gallons. Flavors like apple and apricot, cherry and cranberry are just a few of the options. Choose either 128-ounce wine bases or 49-ounce purees. We also offer one-liter red and white grape concentrates.

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apricot-puree-49-oz Apricot Puree 49 oz
Our Price $19.49
blueberry-puree-49-oz Blueberry Puree 49 oz
Our Price $22.49
cranberry-puree-49-oz Cranberry Puree 49 oz
Our Price $14.99
peach-puree-49-oz Peach Puree 49 oz
Our Price $18.99
plum-puree-49-oz Plum Puree 49 oz
Our Price $12.99
raspberry-puree-49-oz Raspberry Puree 49 oz
Our Price $24.99
Vintner’s Harvest Fruit Wine Bases are fresh fruit in their own juices with nothing else added – no sugars and no sulfites. With a wide selection of delicious fruits to choose from, the Vintner’s Harvest line of wine bases is sure to please the most discriminating home wine maker.