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Wine Bottle Corks, Wine Corkers & Wine Closures

A seemingly small but essential part of wine bottling, and one we just love to say because of the way it rolls off the tongue, is "corks, corkers and closures" or, as Gert has occasionally been overheard to say, "si, si, si!" It's interesting that si, si, si means yes, yes, yes in Italy, which is where one of his favorite floor corkers is made. Did you know that Portugal makes over 50% of corks used world wide? Spain comes in second at about 30%.

Natural: 20+ years; cut from one sheet of cork bark
1+1, Duo: 4 years; natural cork ends with agglomerated center
Colmated: 3-4 years; cork pieces with resin bonding to fill-in gaps
Synthetic: 4+ years; engineered plastic
Agglomerated: 2 years; particle cork with glue and resin bonding to fill-in gaps

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There's no sense in wondering where to buy corks for wine bottles since you're already here, but be advised that we not only sell wine bottle corks but also other wine closures such as plastic champagne stoppers and wire hoods. Our new wine corks for sale come in a variety of sizes and most will fit any of the wine bottles we sell with the exception of the 187 ml champagne bottles, which take a 7 X 1 3/4 straight wine cork unless a plastic stopper is used.

We stock natural, premium straight corks (as opposed to tapered) and Aglica wine corks, which are made from the purest part of the Oak Cork tree bark and combined with a unique polymer to add durability/elasticity. We also carry a full line of wine corkers, from the least expensive, plastic hand units to top of the line full-on floor corkers.