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Empty Wine Bottles for Sale

Making wine is an involved process requiring precise steps that include choosing the correct size, style and color bottle for each recipe. We have the empty wine bottles for sale that you’ll need for your wine-making experience. Most are designed to take traditional corks for closure, although some of our glass wine bottles for sale are made to receive screw tops. Here you’ll find 375ml wine bottles for sale, which is just slightly more than a one-third liter, but you can also opt for double that volume with 750ml bottles. You can also elect to go half size, or 187ml, if you’re buying clear glass Champagne bottles. You’ll also notice a couple of larger bottles, 1.5-liter Magnums, in a Dead Leaf Green Burgundy bottle and pure green for Claret or Bordeaux.

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When you buy empty wine bottles you’ll also have to make sure to procure the proper size corks or tops. Colors for the 375ml-sized bottles include:

  • Dark green semi-Bordeaux
  • Antique green Bellissima
  • Cobalt Stretch Hock

Clear wine bottles for sale here include 375ml semi-Bordeaux, Bellissima and Renana style. You can also find 750ml Claret/Bordeaux, Claret screw-top, and frosted Bordeaux bottles.