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Soda Making Equipment & Ingredients


While beer brewing is the main focus here at Hop Goblin, we also have some important sidelines such as soda making. We sell soda making equipment, soda making supplies, and ingredients for soda. Our soda pop ingredients come from two of the most respected providers in the industry: Gnome and Homebrew.

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Some of the flavors you’ll be able to create in the soda-making area include root beer, draft root beer, ginger beer, sarsaparilla, birch beer and spicy ginger beer. You’ll also be able to make clear vanilla cream, old-fashioned vanilla cream, cream soda, cherry, cola, orange, raspberry and lemon lime.


One packet of these extracts is enough to make between five and ten gallons of finished product. In addition to the extracts themselves, you’ll need some other items to complete your soda making project, most of which are sold right here. These items include the special Red Star Pasteur Champagne Dry Yeast, some PET bottles and 28 mm caps, as well as some sugar. As much as we love to make and then consume the hundreds of different home beer brews available (or yet to be discovered), we must admit that there is a certain satisfaction in producing good homebrew sodas. The kids love them too!