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Hops are an important ingredient in beer brewing. The sticky, yellow flowers of the hop plant contain bitter acids that help balance out the sweetness that malt brings to beer. The oils and resins found in hops bring unique flavors and aromas to beer, with each strain of hop producing its own variations that impart the characteristics for which a particular brew is known. Hops for commercial use are only grown in less than a dozen countries around the world and hop production requires especially rich soil found primarily in flood plain areas. Germany is the #1 hop-producing country, with the United States running a close second. The chief growing regions in the U.S. include the states of Washington and Oregon.


When you buy fresh hops you generally have a choice of getting either whole cones (whole leaf) or hop pellets. The pellets are easier to keep fresh and also to store. Our pellet hops for sale have no binding agents or preservatives, just the natural hops that have been milled and compressed into pellet form. When making beer with fresh hops, you have the opportunity of adding them at four different times of the process: for bittering, for flavoring, for aroma and, after fermentation has been completed, dry-hopping can be used to add intensity of flavor and aroma. We have many hops varieties from around the world, including various blends. You'll generally find descriptions of the acids, oils and resin content for each.

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czech-saaz-pellet-hops-1-oz Czech Saaz Pellet Hops
Our Price 1.99

us-amarillo-pellet-hops US Amarillo Pellet Hops
List Price: $3.29
Our Price $2.99
Sale Price: 2.19
Savings: $1.10
us-cascade-pellet-hops US Cascade Pellet Hops
List Price: $2.19
Our Price $1.79
Sale Price: 1.39
Savings: $0.80

us-centennial-pellet-hops US Centennial Pellet Hops
List Price: $2.29
Our Price $1.99
Sale Price: 1.59
Savings: $0.70

us-citra-pellet-hops US Citra Pellet Hops
List Price: $2.79
Our Price $2.49
Sale Price: 1.89
Savings: $0.90

us-columbus-pellet-hops US Columbus Pellet Hops
Our Price 1.89

us-liberty-pellet-hops US Liberty Pellet Hops
Our Price 1.89

us-simcoe-pellet-hops US Simcoe Pellet Hops
List Price: $2.49
Our Price $2.19
Sale Price: 1.79
Savings: $0.70

us-warrior-pellet-hops US Warrior Pellet Hops
Our Price 1.69


For product quality, leaf hops are packaged in a light resistant package that is nitrogen flushed to help preserve freshness.