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Liqueur Essences

Looking for a diversified array of liqueur essences? Here at Hop Goblin, we have a few dozen popular solutions to make your home brewing experience more exciting.

Your home brewing experience can go even further with the right cocktails. It is true that you can always improvise, replace ingredients one with another and come up with new recipes. But remember that thousands of people are trying to do the same, so try not to take any “risks” when you have some guests over. Instead, stick to the classic recipes or use some liqueur essences to bring in the desired aroma. Whether you are looking for apricot brandy, coconut rum, Irish cream, scotch honey or whiskey, these essences allow you to enjoy your favorite taste without spending a fortune on the brand name labels. Our Tennessee Whiskey and Kentucky Whiskey are some of the more popular varieties.

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Liqueur essences are used in a wide variety of situations. In the bartending and brewing industries, they are excellent in the production of various drinks, including actual liqueurs or cocktails. Their uses are even more common in the production of liqueurs that are normally very complicated to make, such as coconut, almond or hazelnut liqueurs. The production is even more sophisticated in herbal liqueurs, while some fruit drinks might require the same adjusts.