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Kegging Dispensing & Serving

Showcase your final homebrew with a high quality dispensing and serving faucet. It would be a shame to put all that hard work into making your beer to have it fizzle at the finish line when your friends come over for a beer (or two). We have a wide selection of standard, Perlick, self closing, and all stainless faucets to choose from.

We at Hop Goblin prefer using stainless steel for much of our brewing processes. Stainless steel construction will not impart metallic or off flavors into your beer. You may call us a purist but why go through the entire brew process to have your beverage tainted at the faucet?

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6-in-pub-faucet-handle-(black-lacquer-finish) 6" Pub Style Tap Handle (Black Lacquer Finish)
List Price: $17.99
Our Price $16.99
Savings: $1.00
6-in-pub-faucet-handle-(natural-oak-finish) 6" Pub Style Top Handle (Natural Oak Finish)
List Price: $18.49
Our Price $16.99
Savings: $1.50
tap-handle-hanger-bolt Tap Handle Hanger Bolt
List Price: $18.49
Our Price $0.99
Savings: $17.50
beer-washer---each-(neoprene) Beer Washer (Neoprene)
Our Price $0.19

lock-nut-flanged Lock Nut - Flanged
Our Price $0.99
shank-snap-ring Shank Snap Ring
Our Price $0.29
faucet-spout-plug Faucet Spout Plug
Our Price $0.39

faucet-hygiene-plug Faucet Hygiene Plug
Our Price $1.49
chome-bonnet-angler Chrome Bonnet Angler
Our Price $8.99

brass-bonnet-angler Brass Bonnet Angler
Our Price $8.99
shank-sleeve Shank Sleeve
Our Price $0.98
faucet-washer Faucet Washer
Our Price $0.49
plastic-flange Plastic Flange
Our Price $1.89

brass-faucet-plug Brass Faucet Plug
Our Price $5.19
tower-elbow-shank-stainless-steel Tower Elbow Shank Stainless Steel
List Price: $48.95
Our Price $25.49
Savings: $23.46
fitted-flange-for-3-inch-tower-chrome Fitted Flange for 3" Tower - Chrome
List Price: $5.75
Our Price $3.99
Savings: $1.76
fitted-flange-for-3-inch-tower-brass Fitted flange for 3" Tower - Brass
List Price: $5.75
Our Price $4.99
Savings: $0.76
beergun-accessory-kit BeerGun Accessory Kit
Our Price $24.99
2-inch-drain-assembly 2" Drain Assembly
Our Price $5.99
4-inch-drain-assembly 4" Drain Assembly
Our Price $6.99
6-inch-drain-assembly 6" Drain Assembly
Our Price $7.49
8-inch-drain-assembly 8" Drain Assembly
Our Price $12.49
brass-tap-handle-ferrule Brass Tap Handle Ferrule
Our Price $3.89