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Beer Hydrometer & Wine Hydrometer | Alcoholmeter

Beer hydrometers and beer thermometers, are essential in the brewing process. A quality beer hydrometer can make a big difference in the quality of your final brew product. Beer hydrometers measure the remaining sugars via specific gravity so you can calculate the alcohol content in your brew.

Mash and fermentation temperatures are important to get as exact as possible and an inaccurate thermometer can produce a totally different beer than you were expecting. It pays to buy decent home brew test equipment and Gert the Goblin has gathered some good stuff here!

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20-cc-syringe 20 cc Syringe
Our Price $1.49
25mm-stir-bar 25mm Stir Bar
Our Price $3.49
40mm-stir-bar 40mm Stir Bar
Our Price $4.39
acid-testing-kit Acid Testing Kit
Our Price $8.49
alla-thermohydrometer Alla Thermohydrometer
Our Price $12.29
alla-vinometer Alla Vinometer
Our Price $3.49

co2-tester-with-case CO2 Tester with Case
Our Price $199.95
dial-thermometer Dial Thermometer
Our Price $10.75
fermtech-wine-thief Fermtech Wine Thief
Our Price $7.89
glass-wine-thief Glass Wine Thief
Our Price $4.89
mead-hydrometer Mead Hydrometer
Our Price $29.59
so2-hydrometer SO2 Hydrometer
Our Price $24.89
thermohydrometer Thermohydrometer
Our Price $12.99
tittrettor Tittrettor
Our Price $6.79

Wine and beer hydrometers are used to measure the density or specific gravity of liquids as compared to pure water. Because density changes as temperature changes, a useful tool to have in your arsenal is a thermohydrometer like those found here. You'll also find a good assortment of single- and dual-purpose hydrometers for measuring the specific gravity of your wine or beer.

For monitoring boil temperatures, nothing is better than the large-dial thermometer with a 12-inch long probe. It will clip right on to the side of your brew kettle and, with its large, easy to read numbers, allow you to accurately monitor your boiling temperatures. It's also useful for keeping track of how quickly your wort is cooling. Another handy item featured on this page is the refrigerator thermostat. It has digital accuracy and lets you turn a standard chest freezer into an awesome, beer-storage kegerator!