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Growlers, Jugs & Carboys

If you’re looking for clear glass jugs, large glass carboys, or glass growler bottles for sale, you’re in the right spot to find what you need! Glass growlers for beer have recently become quite popular, with many microbreweries now offering them as the “to go” container of choice. These half-gallon, re-sealable containers are also ideal for your own home brew, allowing you to fill up and just take off to wherever it is you plan to unveil your latest concoction.

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You can buy beer growlers here in the traditional 1/2-gallon size in either clear or amber-colored glass. You can also size up and go to a full-gallon size in clear glass bottles. The half-gallons come six to a case while the gallons come four per case. If you’d like, you can also purchase quart-sized amber jugs, sold as 1/4 gallon, which come 12 to a case.


Glass carboys are a must-have for any home beer brewer and we’ve got several types and sizes to meet your needs. Here you’ll find 5-, 6- and 6.5-gallon Italian Glass Carboys plus a 3-gallon version for brewing smaller batches. Also, find appropriate carboy caps and cleaning brushes.