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Books on Brewing Beer and Other Cool Beer Stuff

Gert the Goblin’s favorite pastime is, of course, beer brewing. He loves trying new ways of brewing a batch, sampling the wares, and sharing his brews with his buds. At Hop Goblin, we not only love the many facets of beer brewing (and soda making, by the way) covered, but we like to share the knowledge we gain with as many folks as we can. To this end, we’ve compiled an exhaustive collection of beer brewing books as well as some other cool beer stuff.

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designing-great-beers Designing Great Beers
Our Price $24.95
the-brewmasters-bible The Brewmasters Bible
Our Price $20.00
how-to-brew How to Brew
Our Price $19.95
beer-captured Beer Captured
Our Price $18.70
brew-chem-101 Brew Chem 101
Our Price $14.37
radical-brewing Radical Brewing
Our Price $21.49
brewing-classic-styles Brewing Classic Styles
Our Price $21.49

for-the-love-of-hops For the Love of Hops
Our Price $21.49
home-beermaking Home Beermaking
Our Price $5.69
hop-goblin-hat Hop Goblin Hat
Our Price $25.00
amaretto-essence Amaretto Essence
Our Price $4.29
mary's-recipes Mary's Recipes
Our Price $6.99
from-vines-to-wines From Vines To Wines
Our Price $17.89
winemaking Winemaking
Our Price $24.89
kit-winemaking Kit Winemaking
Our Price $15.99
hop-goblin-brew-shirt Hop Goblin Brew Shirt
Our Price $24.95

wild-brews Wild Brews
List Price: $18.99
Our Price $17.99
Savings: $1.00
farmhouse-ales Farmhouse Ales
List Price: $18.99
Our Price $16.99
Savings: $2.00
brew-like-a-monk Brew Like A Monk
List Price: $18.99
Our Price $17.99
Savings: $1.00
tasting-beer Tasting Beer
Our Price $17.49
extreme-brewing Extreme Brewing
Our Price $24.49
brewing-better-beer Brewing Better Beer
Our Price $20.49
the-evolution-of-ipa The Evolution Of IPA
Our Price $28.29
american-sour-beers American Sour Beers
Our Price $18.99
hop-goblin-tee-shirt Hop Goblin T-Shirt
Our Price $14.99
zatarains-root-beer-concentrate-4oz Zatarain's Root Beer Concentrate - 4 oz
List Price: $10.99
Our Price $4.49
Savings: $6.50

Notwithstanding the selection of how to brew beer books, our favorite item in this category is the Hop Goblin baseball cap, featuring the Gert the Goblin logo. You can also find a matching window-sticker.


You can never know too much about the trade, and home brewing books are a great place to learn. Our books on brewing beer cover all levels of the science starting with the Beginner’s Guide and the Brewer’s Apprentice. You also have access to books specific to important topics such as yeast, hops and Brew Chem 101.


This section of the site also includes a wide selection of soda extracts for making root beer, birch beer, sarsaparilla, ginger beer and other sodas.