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Malt extract brewing is the process of making beer using a malt extract powder or liquid. We offer both here at Hop Goblin and in a huge variety of recipes. Homebrew malt extract is referred to as either DME, if it's a dry powder extract, or LME, if it's in liquid form. The extract consists of a thick syrup or a dry powder that's been reduced from the wort by the removal of the water through a gentle, evaporative vacuuming process.

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briess-pilsen-dry-malt-extract Briess Pilsen DME
Our Price 4.79
muntons-amber-dry-malt-extract Muntons Amber DME
Our Price 5.09
muntons-dark-dry-malt-extract Muntons Dark DME
Our Price 5.09
muntons-extra-light-dry-malt-extract Muntons Extra Light DME
Our Price 5.09

muntons-hopped-light-malt Muntons Hopped Light Malt
Our Price 13.49

muntons-light-dry-malt-extract Muntons Light DME
Our Price 5.09

muntons-wheat-dry-malt-extract Muntons Wheat DME
Our Price 5.09

Our Briess CBW Extracts, CBW being short for Concentrated Brewers Wort, are produced here in the U.S. and are the freshest available. They're used in producing extract beers or added to grain beers to adjust color, density and flavor. Some of the more popular flavors include Bavarian Wheat, Golden Light, Pilsen Light, Porter, Special Dark and Sparkling Amber.


We have more than 50 homebrew malt extract products available here. If you look around you'll find that you can buy malt extract elsewhere, but nowhere will you find a finer selection, better discounts or someone more passionate about home brewing than Gert and the Gang. Take some time to peruse our selection of DME and LME beer malt extract. Then let's get started on brewing up the next batch!