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Beer Drip Trays

A draft beer system is one of the most cost efficient solutions for your home. Your home brewing experience will be taken to the next level, especially if you tend to host a lot of parties or plenty of people pop up to visit you. Having your own bar at home has never been a more accessible option, but at the same time, it is essential to realize that a draft beer system comes with further requirements too. For instance, the beer drip tray is one of the most important ones. Whenever you are done filling a mug, pint or glass, you will notice that the beer tap will still drip a little. In fact, this residual waste amounts to a whole glass at every 20 or 30 glasses filled.

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2-inch-drain-assembly 2" Drain Assembly
Our Price $5.99
4-inch-drain-assembly 4" Drain Assembly
Our Price $6.99
6-inch-drain-assembly 6" Drain Assembly
Our Price $7.49
8-inch-drain-assembly 8" Drain Assembly
Our Price $12.49
suction-strainer Suction Strainer
Our Price $4.99

Some might say that you can always keep a jug around to “capture” the waste beer, but then, this cheap option is less likely to add to your style. Nothing compares to the shininess and brightness of a stainless steel beer drip tray. Most models can be wall or furniture mounted, so they are flexible and easy to install anywhere.

Not sure what the best beer drip tray for you is? Here at Hop Goblin we have a few different models that will easily draw your attention.