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Homebrewing equipment for beginners

Homebrewing equipment from Hop Goblin is easy and affordable. If you are on a quest to find great quality homebrewing equipment then you have landed at the right spot! Gert the Goblin will help you find the best homebrewing equipment for your crafting needs.

You are walking through a narrow tunnel accompanied but a trusty guide. Suddenly, a clumsy figure in front of you stops. Merely visible in dark shadows, Gert the Goblin turns to you with a proud look on his face:

  • There it is! The very holy of holies of our dungeon. The starting point of true Magister’s of Beer path.

The heavy door opens with a crackle sound and a bright light floods the tunnel showing insides of the tremendous hall. After a while, with a returned sight, you observe countless pieces of beer brewing equipment that shine undoubtedly polished with a lot of care.

We’ve been collecting these treasures for a very long time. Only the ones that proved their usefulness, effectiveness and lastingness are going to be in our hordes. Selected with special attitude and great responsibility, all of them are here for only one reason – to be the beer making equipment that make you, my friend, an adept of brewmastery.

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chugger-pump-inline-stainless-steel-head Chugger Pump - Inline stainless steel head
List Price: $149.99
Our Price 134.49
Savings: $15.50

chugger-brew-pump-center-stainless-steel-head Chugger Pump - Center Inlet stainless steel head
List Price: $159.99
Our Price $142.99
Sale Price: 139.99
Savings: $20.00

6-gallon-conical-fermenter 6 Gallon Conical Fermenter - Big Demon
List Price: $130.00
Our Price 125.00
Savings: $5.00
chugger-pump-max-tcpss-motor-brew-pump Chugger Pump MAX TCPSS Motor Brew Pump
List Price: $349.99
Our Price 295.99
Savings: $54.00

chugger-stainless-steel-inline-replacement-head Chugger Stainless Steel Inline Replacement Head
List Price: $59.99
Our Price 48.99
Savings: $11.00

chugger-stainless-steel-center-line-replacement-head Chugger Stainless Steel Center Line Replacement Head
List Price: $64.99
Our Price 56.79
Savings: $8.20
chugger-pump-max-head-rebuild-repair-kit Chugger Pump MAX Head Rebuild Repair Kit
List Price: $34.97
Our Price 28.99
Savings: $5.98

chugger-pump-head-rebuild-repair-kit Chugger Pump Head Rebuild Repair Kit
List Price: $24.97
Our Price 18.49
Savings: $6.48

chugger-pump-replacement-impeller Chugger Pump Replacement Impeller
List Price: $15.99
Our Price 12.99
Savings: $3.00

chugger-pump-replacement-housing-screws Chugger Pump Replacement Housing Screws (Set of 4)
List Price: $9.99
Our Price 1.99
Savings: $8.00
silicone-lid-gasket-for-6-gallon-conical-fermenter Silicone Lid Gasket for 6 Gallon Conical Fermenter
List Price: $130.00
Our Price 9.00
Savings: $121.00
chugger-pump-max-center-stainless-steel-head-230v Chugger Pump MAX - Center Inlet stainless steel head (230v)
List Price: $329.95
Our Price 279.95
Savings: $50.00
chugger-pump-max-center-stainless-steel-head-110v Chugger Pump MAX - Center Inlet stainless steel head (110v)
List Price: $319.95
Our Price 265.95
Savings: $54.00
basic-8-liter-pet-bottles Basic 8 Bottling
List Price: $14.00
Our Price 13.40
Savings: $0.60
2-gallon-conical-fermenter 2 Gallon Conical Fermenter
List Price: $48.00
Our Price 40.00
Savings: $8.00
2-gallon-basic-equipment-kit 2-Gallon Basic Equipment Kit
List Price: $55.00
Our Price 52.64
Savings: $2.36
2-gallon-basic-plus-equipment-kit 2-Gallon Basic Plus Equipment Kit
List Price: $75.00
Our Price 71.78
Savings: $3.22
2-gallon-signature-equipment-kit 2-Gallon Signature Equipment Kit
List Price: $95.00
Our Price 90.92
Savings: $4.08
carboy-brush Carboy Brush
Our Price: 4.89
beer-bottle-brush Beer Bottle Brush
Our Price: 2.99
6.5-gallon-bottling-bucket 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket
Our Price: 10.63

5-gallon-italian-glass-carboy 5 Gallon Italian Glass Carboy
List Price: $40.00
Our Price: 35.62
Savings: $4.38

airlock-s-shaped Airlock S Shaped
Our Price: 0.95

brewers-best-home-brew-equipment-kit Home Brew Equipment Kit
List Price: $69.21
Our Price: $65.45
Sale Price: 59.89
Savings: $9.32

brewers-best-deluxe-home-brew-equipment-kit Deluxe Home Brew Equipment Kit
List Price: $129.18
Our Price: $121.55
Sale Price: 105.89
Savings: $23.29
brewers-beast-home-brew-equipment-kit Complete Home Brew Equipment Kit
List Price: $146.03
Our Price: $132.92
Sale Price: 126.89
Savings: $19.14

brewers-best-deluxe-equipment-kit-+-better-bottle Deluxe Equipment Kit + Better Bottle
List Price: $108.75
Our Price: $102.85
Sale Price: 95.89
Savings: $12.86
brewers-beast-equipment-kit-+-better-bottle Complete Home Brew Equipment Kit + Better Bottle
List Price: $139.35
Our Price: $137.69
Sale Price: 119.89
Savings: $19.46
home-brew-22-oz-amber-beer-bottles-(case-of-12) Home Brew 22 oz Amber Beer Bottles (Case of 12)
List Price: $13.79
Our Price 12.25
Savings: $1.54
home-brew-12-oz-amber-beer-bottles-(case-of-24) Home Brew 12 oz Amber Beer Bottles (Case of 24)
List Price: $13.79
Our Price 12.25
Savings: $1.54

dial-thermometer Dial Thermometer
Our Price 10.75
super-agata-bench-capper Super Agata Bench Capper
Our Price 43.35

agata-bench-capper Agata Bench Capper
Our Price 39.29
easy-clean-cleanser-8-oz Easy Clean Cleanser 8 oz
Our Price 3.38

star-san-sanitizer-32-oz Star San Sanitizer 32 oz
Our Price 20.83

mini-keg-brush Mini-Keg Brush
Our Price 2.98
size-2-stopper-drilled Size 2 Stopper Drilled
Our Price 0.79

size-10-stopper-drilled Size 10 Stopper Drilled
Our Price 2.19

anti-splash-funnel Anti-splash funnel
Our Price 12.19
thermohydrometer Thermohydrometer
Our Price 12.99
45-economy-bottle-tree 45 Economy Bottle Tree
Our Price 15.49

45-bottle-tree 45 Bottle Tree
Our Price 23.79
90-bottle-tree 90 Bottle Tree
Our Price 32.79

five-star-saniclean-16-oz Saniclean 16 oz
Our Price 9.79
five-star-saniclean-32-oz Saniclean 32 oz
Our Price 14.99

Homebrewing equipment in-depth

1. 2 and 5 gallons kits are provided for those who want effortlessly test their skills in making delicious beverages. The sets were designed to cover all the process making it convenient and simple. Base includes are:

  • Fermenter
  • Flow Tap Assembly
  • Thermometer
  • Cleanser
  • Easy-to-follow brewing instructions

Small batch and starter kits come with brewing ingredients, so you can jump straight into concoction after ordering these ones. Actually, you need only water – that’s all that it takes to discover enticing taste of beer that was made by your own hand.

More complex 5 gallons sets go without ingredients, though having additional home brewing equipment such as paddles, brushes, siphons and so on. It’s worth to mention that most of these are supplied with bottles in contrast with kits for less volume. Thus, after the purchase you will have the setup that will sufficiently supply you with a decent amount of beer joy.

Gert the Goblin insisted to adding other options as well, so we can offer you soda, wine and cider making equipment. Getting 5 gallons of homemade soda with provided set is quite simple and straightforward: mix sugar, water and syrup, bottle with yeast and here it is – a beverage you’ve been dreaming about. You will be surprised to know that making wine and cider is not difficult as well, though it may take some time for the drink to be ready. As you can see, each of the kits will have good use at any household helping to deliver delightful tastes to you, your family and your friends.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of related items with a possibility of appending them to your order. Therefore, you can create a special set suitable for your needs just on one page.

Our partners are the world’s best manufactures of brewing apparatus. High quality of their products is acknowledged through years of successful sales and satisfied customers. Hop Goblin’s selection of goods is based on simple, yet demanding criteria:

  • Longevity
  • Easiness of use
  • Effectiveness

We work hardly and patiently to keep our prices as low as possible in order to deliver you exceptional yet affordable home brewing equipment.