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All Grain Brewing Kit


If you've already successfully brewed some batches of beer or ale with one of our many pre-packaged extract kits and are now interested in knowing how to make hop extract and making malt extract yourself then you're ready to graduate to using an all grain brewing kit such as the Brewer's Best® brew in bag kits offered here. All grain brewing requires extra equipment such as a hot liquor tank and mash tun that you can purchase here at Hop Goblin, but what you get in return is complete control over your finished product, allowing you to produce your own unique brews.


Mashing your own cracked grains takes additional time and requires more control during the brewing process because you're extracting your own liquid sugars rather than simply buying them in a container ready for use. When you buy an all-grain recipe kit you still get to choose the type/style of brew you want, such as: German Pilsner, American Pale Ale or American India Pale Ale, Brown Porter or Sweet Stout. For some brewers, the preference is to brew batches as easily and as quickly as possible so they can get to the good part – slugging down the suds – as soon as possible. For others, there's no substitute for the complete control all-grain brewing offers.

All-Grain beer recipe kits still yield the same 5 gallons of homebrew, equal to 52-54 12 oz bottles of beer.