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Oxygenator Kit without Cylinder

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Brand: LD Carlson

Product Code: KG87030

Oxygenator Kit without Oxygen Cylinder is high quality with fine flow control for your yeast to enjoy. If you have never tried boosting your fermentation with oxygen you should really try this setup. This kit does not include the gas cylinder.

Kit Includes:
  • 22 inch stainless steel wand with diffusing stone
  • Fine flow oxygen regulator with settings from 1/32 to 4 LPM
  • 4 feet of Silicone tubing with 2 worm clamps
  • Air filter
Brewers Note: Never try to remove the regulator unless your cylinder is off and pressure has been relieved. If we need to warn you of the safety needed to never smoke or operate near an open flame - you probably should not be brewing with this equipment.

Instructions for installation (CGA 540 Style valve):
  • Inspect the oxygen cylinder following the instructions of your gas supplier. Be sure to purge the cylinder valve seat of debris.
  • Inspect the regulator for oil or grease. If these are visible, DO NOT use the regulator
  • Gently thread the large nut on the regulator onto the connection on the cylinder valve
  • Tighten the nut with a wrench until snug
  • Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the outlet connection of the regulator
Instructions for Use:
  • Be sure the regulator is in the OFF position by rotating the knob counterclockwise to the 0 position
  • For safety, be sure you are not directly in front of or behind the regulator when opening the cylinder valve
  • Slowly, turn the cylinder valve on (counterclockwise, about one full turn
  • If you can hear a hissing sound, there is a leak in the system. Turn the cylinder off and turn the regulator on to relieve any built up pressure. Try tightening the regulator to the cylinder and opening the cylinder again. If this does not help, shut the system down again and contact a service representative. Never attempt to repair a regulator or cylinder yourself.
  • Adjust the flow rate setting by turning the knob clockwise until the desired setting shows through the window
  • If the cylinder pressure falls below 300 PSI, you should exchange or refill the cylinder at your nearest welding or gas supply store
Instructions for removing:
  • Turn off the system: close the cylinder valve
  • Wait for oxygen to flow out of the regulator
  • Then turn the regulator to the 0 position
  • Gently loosen the nut with a wrench
  • Remove the large nut on the regulator from the cylinder valve
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