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5-Gallon Extract Brewing Kits


With almost 50 different five-gallon extract brewing kits available from Brewer's Best® here at Hop Goblin, you should have no trouble finding one or more of these high quality malt extract kits to your liking. Going through the list of available extract beer kits in this section you'll notice that the big "B" in the Brewer's Best® logo is colored to reflect the color-character of the beer it makes with that particular recipe. A dark dry malt extract for brewing will show up as a dark-colored big "B" in the logo, such as in the case of Imperial Nut Brown and the various stouts and porters offered. Light-colored concoctions such as Belgian Golden Ale, Witbier, and American Cream Ale are indicated by the light-colored big "B."

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english-pale-ale English Pale Ale
Our Price $35.62
american-pale-ale American Pale Ale
Our Price $37.32
rye-pale-ale Rye Pale Ale
Our Price $42.42
double-india-pale-ale Double India Pale Ale
Our Price $49.73
india-pale-ale India Pale Ale
Our Price $44.12
belgian-ipa Belgian IPA
Our Price $40.38

imperial-pale-ale Imperial Pale Ale
Our Price $49.22
india-black-ale India Black Ale
Our Price $42.93
american-amber American Amber
Our Price $32.22

red-ale Red Ale
Our Price $35.62
english-brown-ale English Brown Ale
Our Price $35.62
german-altbier-kit German Altbier Kit
Our Price $34.85
scottish-ale Scottish Ale
Our Price $28.82
imperial-nut-brown Imperial Nut Brown
Our Price $45.48
oatmeal-stout Oatmeal Stout
Our Price $40.72
irish-stout Irish Stout
Our Price $36.98
milk-stout Milk Stout
Our Price $34.85
robust-porter Robust Porter
Our Price $33.92
smoked-porter Smoked Porter
Our Price $39.02
american-pale-wheat American Pale Wheat
Our Price $35.62
belgian-golden-ale Belgian Golden Ale
Our Price $50.58
belgian-dark-strong Belgian Dark Strong
Our Price $45.82
dunkelweizen Dunkelweizen
Our Price $34.85
weizenbier Weizenbier
Our Price $32.22
belgian-saison Belgian Saison
Our Price $41.65
belgian-tripel Belgian Tripel
Our Price $48.45
witbier Witbier
Our Price $36.55
imperial-blonde-ale Imperial Blonde Ale
Our Price $45.05
american-cream-ale American Cream Ale
Our Price $32.73
kolsch Kolsch
Our Price $31.03
american-light American Light
Our Price $29.75
continental-pilsner Continental Pilsner
Our Price $36.55
vienna-lager Vienna Lager
Our Price $39.45
german-oktoberfest German Oktoberfest
Our Price $37.83
gluten-free-ale Gluten Free Ale
Our Price $40.72
summer-ale Summer Ale (Seasonal)
Our Price $34.59
mild-ale Mild Ale
Our Price $24.99
white-ipa White IPA
Our Price $41.79
white-house-honey-ale White House Honey Ale
Our Price $41.99
bass-ale-clone Bass Ale Clone
Our Price $32.49
guinness-stout-clone Guinness Stout Clone
Our Price $37.49
vanilla-cream-ale Vanilla Cream Ale
Our Price $39.99
coconut-cream-stout Coconut Cream Stout
Our Price $37.85
honey-brown-ale Honey Brown Ale
Our Price $37.49
india-red-rye-ale India Red Rye Ale
Our Price $38.89
watermelon-wheat Watermelon Wheat
Our Price $32.22
blueberry-honey-ale Blueberry Honey Ale
Our Price $41.99
grapefruit-ipa Grapefruit IPA
Our Price $39.99
mango-saison Mango Saison
Our Price $37.99
mexican-cerveza Mexican Cerveza
Our Price $32.79
tangerine-pale-ale Tangerine Pale Ale
Our Price $37.99
summer-helles-bock Summer Helles Bock
Our Price $35.19
gose-tart-wheat Gose (Tart Wheat)
Our Price $33.45

Whatever your predilection for beer – ale, stout, porter or lager – you’ll find an unparalleled selection of brew kits available here at Hop Goblin. Spend some time studying the offers here to learn what you need to know to make informed selections concerning your next home brew project. Each kit fully describes what you can expect from that particular product, including average alcohol by volume.