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2 Gallon Home Brew Kit

2 Gallon Home Brew Kit uses a revolutionary conical fermenter. There are three types of 2 gallon home brew kits to choose from. Use your 2 Gallon Home Brew Kit to brew just like the professionals use, only with a smaller conical fermenter. With thousands of different brews being made globally and a history of more than 7,000 years, you might think that every beer recipe has already been tried. The fact is, though, that new beers are born every day by people trying their hands at the process and experimenting with ingredients, proportions and numerous other possibilities.

All it takes to get started is a minimal investment in some small batch beer brewing equipment and you'll be off and running. There's nothing quite like the pride of creation and ownership in something unique and these 2 gallon beer kits will give you what you need to get started. You're offered three options: basic, basic-plus and signature.

With the basic kit you'll have to supply your own bottles, which we offer as well. Used soda or beer bottles will work too. You'll just need some caps. The basic-plus kit has the bottles included – eight Brew Demon liter bottles including caps and labels. The signature kit adds a few more items and also a different beer recipe is included. Small batch beer kits are the way to go for those just beginning, to get a taste for the process, and we've got great small batch brewing equipment at prices to make you smile. Try one of these small beer brewing systems. You won't be disappointed.