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Home Brewing Extract Kits

With tried and true, proven formulas for creating quality beers, Gert the Goblin offers you a range of beer extract kits to make your home brewing experience as simple and as predictable as possible. As you become more experienced in the process, you may certainly choose to create some of your own recipes and employ your own special production secrets, but these home brew extract kits are designed primarily for those looking for a simple, outlined operation.

Our home brewing extract kits are divided into three categories: Basic, Basic Plus and Signature. The Basic kits employ liquid malts and produce clean and crisp beers and ales that average an ABV (alcohol by volume) of about 3.7%. This is the cheap malt extract option, as the Basic Plus kits double the amount of malt used, producing the same beers and ales as the Basic kits but with a fuller body and more kick, averaging 4.6% ABV. Items in our Signature Series, made from formulations straight from New Zealand, are our premier 2-gallon extract kits, producing 4.6% ABV libations with such interesting names as: Twisted Monk Witbier, Wild Spirit IPA, One Evil Pilsner and Shendu Oatmeal Stout.